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Mirana Comstock attended the Women's March in Washington, D.C. She comments: 

I come from a highly creative, politically active family and have protested, debated, demonstrated since I was a child. But the Women's March on Washington was something very special. The sheer size of the crowd...that river of humanity that just kept on flowing. Their spirit and diversity...men, women, every race, every age. And oh those signs...are we the smart/funny/fabulous ones, or what? As we experience some of the darkest days of our democracy, looking back on that event offers a glimmer of what we are and what we can be. I hope that sharing my photographs of the march helps give us all the strength to do what we have to do to truly shine again.

© 2017 Mirana Comstock

Ellen adds: I chose this pair of photos because it displays the "river of humanity" Mirana speaks of. On the left, the woman's and man's sight-lines don't intersect--but they are definitely kindred spirits of hope, brightened by the yellow banner. The woman on the right exudes power and directness--see how the crowd parts to make way for her. A partisan for the National Organization for Women, she will never back down.


I love the diversity of people in the photos, especially the one on the right. It emphasizes that how this is a multi-generational event and issue.
Great photos -- any exhibits planned for the near future. LMK. I'll be there!
I love Mirana's work!
Wonderful photos embracing inclusion and diversity. Mirana...you have such positive spirit!
Alysa M Allen(non-registered)
Great Photos Miranda! Keep on inspiring everyone with your constant vigilance!
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