We Who March: Photographs and Reflections on the Women’s March, January 21, 2017  is a book of photographs, created and edited by Ellen Feldman, with photos by Feldman and many other photographers, and with reflections by marchers.

We Who March is a book of fine art photography in which equal attention is paid to political message and artistic expression. In this book, the political is very personal: outrage is broadcast through hand-made signs, physical expression, and gesture, with celebration seeping through the tone of defiance. 

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Ellen Feldman is a fine art photographer, Photography Editor of The Women’s Review of Books (Wellesley College), and an activist since the ’60s, still marching and working on election campaigns. Her photography work, which includes street photography and  long-term personal projects, has appeared in several solo and many juried exhibits. She has published two books of street photographs and a photo/comic book. Feldman holds a Ph.D. in Cinema Studies from New York University. 

For more information about Ellen and her other photography projects, see her website: ellenfeldman.net